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Before we begin

Thank you for using the Brainly Tools extension.
Means a lot to me.. 😘

I've dedicated and still giving most of my time to creating this extension and all I need is that from you is just please use it wisely and responsibly. Just don't make me regret for what I did OK? 😉

Once you've finish reading this user manual and gain permission to use the extension, you may have a question like "Why do I not have this feature/option/function on my account and why I can't use that?"

Well the answer is simple :)

We have restricted some special powers to avoid messing everything on your community. Basically this is another level of being a exclusive user of Brainly.

So kindly please read the pages to learn more about the Brainly Tools

If you’re not agree to use the extension wisely and responsibly, I'll just add the words of Gandalf the Gray with respect and humble:


If you have faced with any errors, issues, not working situations or anything else like this, please take a screenshot and save it for sending it to your extension manager if you can.
That would be helpful for finding and correcting the issues.

And also if you can do, I’ll ask one more thing from you that when you need to take a screenshot of this kind of situations, please right click of the issued page and select the inspect option or use the CTRL + SHIFT + I combination on your keyboard. When the inspector opened, click the Console tab and scroll down to latest log. This logs may shows us the couse of that issue.

Adding this details to your report is pretty important to find it because mostly I can fix the errors or issues by this method.



  • On desktop/laptop devices

    • Google Chrome based browsers[Chrome, Chromium, Chrome Beta/Dev, Yandex, Opera]

  • On mobile(Android) devices

! iOS(iPhone) devices has no support browser extensions.
Even with the Yandex Browser for iOS
This is another reason why I don't suggest people to use iPhone devices :p

If you have one of the requirements, you are good to go!

Click Add to Chrome button

Once the extension installed on your browser, please visit Brainly

After that, you may see an error that you need to have a permission to use it.
You can ask permission from your extension manager

Extension Options





  1. This button is for creating a short link for current web page that you’re on. It can be useful for sharing a short link than a long link
  2. In this section, you can change the settings of extension. Such as theme color, delete reasons of quick delete buttons and others.
  3. This section is visible to only extension managers. Managers can do some stuff in this section.
  4. Extension icon has a color badge that shows you the working status of the extension.
    Red badge means, extension is not ready to use
    Yellow badge means, extension is loading
    Green badge means, extension is ready to use.
    So please rely on this colored status badges.

Browser notifications (Deprecated)

You can get browser notifications for a new message or new notification once you've enabled this feature.

Moderation panel

You will see some changes in the moderation panel when you started to use the extension.

Find users

This feature is for finding users by profile id numbers and nick names

Notice Board

Notice board is a place for sharing some community related notes, rules like the things that others should know.

Mass-Point changer

This panel is useful for community/content managers and other users that who has permission to change other users points in bulk

Reported contents confirmer

In this panel, you can confirm the reported contents from Moderate all by filtering the reports. This is useful if you have a spammer that reports other users questions or answers

Confirming is goes trough the unique conditions. If you set a condition like in the screenshot, it'll confirm mathched contents once you click the " CONFIRM ALL" button.
Common condition section will assist you to add condition for all unique sections if you have.

Mass-Question deleter

You can delete the questions by id numbers. It's a usefull feature for Community Managers

This feature is restricted so not everyone can use this feature without permission

Mass-Message sender (Deprecated)

This function describes itself with information line :)

You need to respect status of the Id number. If number input is not colored with green border, that means you can't send message so you need to enter a valid user Id number.


Quick delete buttons

This 3 buttons are is quite useful and you can delete a question ~1 second. This buttons are hidden always and when you move your mouse on the question box or touch a white area of the box(If you click question link, you'll be visit the question page :) ). The blue button is opens a moderate panel for related question.

This is the moderation panel as I mentioned above. It maybe seems a little bit different than usual moderate panel but it’s kind of same thing actually.

Moderate all

Quick delete buttons

Usually, reporting details boxes that contains the reporter’s and owner of the reported content is on the bottom of this boxes. But in this image, these informations are removed.

Instead of those details, extension replaces with Quick delete buttons for making a quick delete.
For questions, you can use the orange buttons. Answers and Comments has red colored buttons for quick deletion. Also, you can use green button for confirming the reported comments

Also this quick delete buttons at the bottom has the same definition like the buttons from previous slide
+ You can switch and review reported contents by clicking left or right arrows on each side of panel or by pressing the A or D keys on your keyboard without closing the panel and reopening the reported contents.
And also, you can close the moderation panel by pressing the ESC key

In this screenshot, the little buttons labeled as 2 is for changing the layout of reported items. You can change the layout as list view or box view.

Label 1, there is a minor changes that allows you to click this numbers for switching the contents between reported comments and reported questions/answers. Just test it, you’ll see :)



Usually you'll need to click "Load More" button to fetch next reported contents from Brainly.
But with this feature, you can navigate between old and new reported contents using with those page numbers

Question page

Quick delete buttons

This buttons are also known as the quick delete buttons. You can use it to delete the related content right away without opening the moderation panel.

PS: you can look at the actual delete reason texts when you hover on these buttons

Messages page

Fullpage layout

This option is for extending the layout view of the messages page.

When you turn it on, page layout will change to this >

Private note box

The purple label is for the extension user’s only. To see if this user is an active extension user or not.

The gray text at below is an input for adding a personal note related to displayed user. You can add a different notes to different users without any restrictions.

It’ll be private and visible to you only.

Message groups

Message groups are similar to SMS groups on cell phones. You can create a group and assing some users and send a message to this user with one few little steps.

While creating or editing a group on opened modal, you can search users and filter them by their ranks too.

This two sections are describes it self I assume. Left list is contains group members that you filled, the list on the right is for listing searched users. You can add them to the group members list by dragging or clicking the add all button

Once you've created a group and send a message, page will be seems like this. You can pin the group at top of the groups list or you can delete or edit groups by buttons at the top right corner. Simple is that..

Profile Page

Note box, Extension flags, Previous nicks, Bio text, Managing friends

  1. This hat is just for funny thing that I’ve added :) It’ll be visible only if the user is an active extension user.
  2. Adding a personal note like in the messages page.
  3. Previous nicks is if the users changes their nick, this will be show up here if the extension has the latest nick. It’s not 100% working but its works if its been logged.
  4. Bio message in the mobile app. If the user adds a bio in the mobile app of Brainly, then it’ll show up here. But since you are a user of this extension, you can add or edit your bio message from your profile page without using mobile app





Normally, you friends list shown like this and you can use a page numbers to navigate.
But now, you can use the Show All button for listing all your frinds in one page without visiting pages..

..and also, you can manage your frinds list easily. You can just unfriend your entire friends with one click or you can select users with little checkboxes and unfriend them by clicking the Unfriend button.

Account delete reporting

Extension user's can now be able to send reports to the Community Manager while they deleting an account. This reports can contain some evidence files or a comment message related to the deleted account for making a better explaining of "why are you deleted" question

User Content Page

Moderate secion, Quick content view, Mass-Approve




  1. If you click the content link under the questons/answers page, the content will be show up like in the picture below. If you want to visit the link, you just need to press right click on the mouse button or click the link while pressing the CTRL button.
  2. This checkboxes for selecting the questions/answers/comments
  3. This buttons is for making a quick actions above this question(s)/answer(s)/comment(s). Red button is for moderating the content, the green button is for approving and the black button is for removing the approvement from the answer(s).

You can also check the content if they are approved or they have attachments in it. Pretty much cool and handy if you ask me :)

User’s warnings page

Multiple canceling

This is the User’s warnings page. You can cancel the warnings of user’s by checking the boxes and clicking the “Cancel Warnings” button. Canceling process may take a while so you just need to keep open this page like ~15 seconds. But this process requires a special privilege that given by the Community Manager of your Brainly market.

Supervisors(Define Monitor)

Filtering users

You can filter admins or moderators by their ranks quickly

Mass. private message sender

You can send a private message to listed users or all of them with one click